Amphitrite is a software package for processing native and ion mobility mass spectrometry data. Mass spectrum deconvolution can be performed (using AtroposGui.exe) using text files and so is compatible with all mass spectrometers. The ion mobility functionality however is currently only works with Synapt G1 data, but we hope to extend this to G2(s) data shortly.

You can download the program and some sample data from the following links and please be sure to read the README.txt file:

Amphitrite program (Windows 64 bit)

Example data

The source code for the software package is available as a GitHub repository as well. Linux and Mac users can run the program using that, though we hope to have binaries available soon.

GitHub page

If you find any bugs or have any problems please let us know on the Google Group:

Amphitrite Google Group

We will hopefully be putting video tutorials up soon, so check back here or the Google Group to keep updated.

Setup on Windows: show